Partial or Part load (PTL) shipment means that your load occupies not much place in our transportation vehicle. While we do many different shipments to different shipment locations or centers of logistics, we also provide part load booking facility for our customers in which they do not pay the amount for full load but the part load you’ve selected to transport. During part-load shipping, there can be reloading of goods to another truck if needed and storage facility can be an additional facility. We have specialized equipment to ensure safe movement and timely delivery to the assigned destination.


To enable taking up your full truck load and deliver to your destination, we Hindustan are offering our full load transport (FTL )services. There are cases where shipping large goods may require an entire truck load and proper arrangements for transportation. To provide you an ease of operation, we have brought our FTL services as a cost-effective solution.
Our full load transport service is available across the country to avail the best transportation service. Being the Full Truck Load (FTL) service provider, we have a great experience in assessing your business needs and give a dedicated solution to match it. The quality of service, the shipment deadline and the affordable service cost has made Hindustan the most chosen company for transportation among the hundreds across India.


Being the most experienced and proficient parcel service providers, we offer the high quality parcel service to customers across India. Our parcel delivery system is designed in a way to make the process of packing things more simpler and faster than usual enabling our customers to save money, time, and effort during operations.

Making use of advanced technology along with expertise, we at Hindustan afford you the easy and hassle-free parcel delivery service. We enable our customers to check the prices of parcel and postal rates with ease. We successfully aid with the safe delivery of hundreds and thousands of parcels to different locations across the country. We care for your package safety at all instances and so we do the necessary packing to make sure everything is well-protected and delivered without any delay.